AI-Based App Encourages Body Transformation at CES 2023

The app, from Mimesis Labs, is marketed to anyone over the age of 12 to motivate users to achieve their ideal body
Scarlett Evans

January 5, 2023

The Nufa app encourages users to get fit.Getty

Mimesis Labs is showcasing its AI-based body sculpting app at CES 2023 in Las Vegas. Dubbed Nufa, the app shows users an AI-generated image of their “goal” body alongside a 90-day fitness program to achieve real-life results. 

The app is marketed toward anyone over the age of 12, though its current iteration is geared specifically toward men. A female-focused update is set to be added in February, as well as a fashion-focused update allowing users to dress themselves in photos expected in June. 

The new mobile app “seamlessly transforms the human body into a picture in one click,” taking muscle structure and body type into account to provide a “digital experience that hardly differs from real body transformation pics.” The app also includes a photo gallery that allows users to track their progress over a three-month period.

“Like a lot of big companies, we started in a small room, spent a lot of sleepless nights, and a desire to do something worthwhile, and step-by-step we become who we are

now,” said Migran Gomktsyan, Nufa co-founder and COO. “We are pioneers in the field of AI body transformations and we believe that our technologies can change the world.”

This article was first published on

IoT World Today.

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