Cybersecurity Features at Quantum Summit in Austin

Keynote to highlight understanding, mitigating risk
Berenice Baker
Berenice Baker

August 31, 2022

The summit keynote explores the reality of post-quantum cryptography.Getty

The Quantum Computing Summit is coming to Austin, Texas, bringing a major conference and exhibition to the Austin Convention Center on November 2-3, 2022.

Co-located with IoT World and The AI Summit in the emerging tech hub, Quantum Austin features keynotes by industry leaders, two tracks of conference content, analyst-led workshops, interactive roundtable discussions and quantum-specific networking.

The advent of practical quantum computing technology will compromise many current cryptographic algorithms, including public-key cryptography, which is widely used to protect digital information. This probable future is known as the post-quantum cryptographic era.

However, quantum key distribution (QKD), which shares some of the quantum mechanics principles with quantum computing, offers a new, ultra-secure communication methodology.

The “Reducing the Risk: Understanding the Impact of Quantum Technology on the Cybersecurity Landscape” keynote on day one of Quantum Computing Summit Austin explores

the reality of post-quantum cryptography.

The presentation is expected to include how great a threat quantum poses to existing cyber security infrastructure and applications and the potential solutions for cybersecurity in the quantum era.

It will investigate real-world examples of QKD implementations to date and offer an integrated approach to providing the resilience needed to protect again increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks

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Berenice Baker


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