D-Wave: What You Should Know About Quantum Computing

Enterprises should focus on their desired outcomes
Berenice Baker

March 27, 2023

A portrait photo of D-Wave vice president of Quantum Business Innovation Murray Thom
D-Wave vice president of Quantum Business Innovation Murray ThomD-Wave

In this series, Enter Quantum asks industry experts for their insights into what quantum computing adopters should know about the technology.

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, D-Wave vice president of Quantum Business Innovation Murray Thom argues that quantum computing is accessible to IT groups, but businesses first need to understand the goals they aim to achieve.

“The most important thing is to focus on what are the outcomes that you want to drive in your business, what are your goals in terms of increasing efficiency? Then start exploring the technology in terms of how it can drive your business to those results. It's what the focus of D-Wave is.

“Let's make sure we've got a clear understanding of the complex problems you're trying to solve and then let's adapt the technology to suit the problems you're trying to work on and not the other way around. We're not saying, well, this is what the technology is, so let's adapt your application to that. And I think that solutions focus is what people

find refreshing.

“The other thing is, if you can program in Python, you can start building applications on quantum computers. People who are in IT technology and chief information officers are starting to realize that quantum computing is an essential part of their IT infrastructure and it's been carefully designed to fit within the way that their IT groups need to work.

“I think that they'll be delighted as they start exploring the technology looking through the open-source examples and just seeing how powerful of a platform it is to enable them to build these high-value features.”

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