Drone Watches Race Cars at Indy Autonomous Challenge at CES 2023

It was overhead and holding steady over where the test car was being prepped
Chuck Martin

January 9, 2023

The drone captured autonomous cars being raced at CES. Chuck Martin

With all the advanced technologies ranging from lidar sensors and sophisticated AI algorithms, it should be no surprise that drone technology would be part of the mix.

As I was watching one of the teams get their fully autonomous racecar ready to do some test runs, I heard someone in the background shout “going up.”

Then, from what seemed like out of nowhere, a drone was overhead and holding steady over where the test car was being prepped.

The drone had a sophisticated looking rotating camera attached, which I checked out when the drone landed, on its miniature “H” landing pad.No one around seemed to pay any attention since the drone was just now part of the expected experience of watching cars drive themselves at more than 150 mph around the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.While quite slick looking, the drone was probably the most minor technology in the area.

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