Government Policy and Quantum Innovation

The Biden Administration’s presidential directive aims to advance national initiatives in quantum information science
Stuart Nathan

April 4, 2023

Cover image of the Government Policy and Quantum Innovation with a digitized image of the White House.
The directive supports three pillars of quantum information systems technology. Informa

A new report from Enter Quantum investigates the significance of the Biden administration’s executive order on enhancing the National Quantum Initiative Advisory Committee.

President Biden signed an executive order in May 2022 to promote the development of quantum technologies. It supports three pillars of quantum information systems technology – quantum computing, quantum sensing and quantum communications – which are at different levels of technological development.

Quantum sensors are closest to commercialization. They have several medical applications and can support navigation in GPS-deprived environments.

Quantum computing is surging in development, but error correction is the main challenge to scaling up. Researchers have demonstrated error correction but only on a small scale. Early use cases, such as Hyundai’s collaboration with IonQ on developing battery technology for electric vehicles, are as much about researching the potential of quantum computing as practical applications.


communication holds the promise of reliable and secure communication. But it requires a functional quantum repeater to boost the signal for distances over 12 miles.

Given that these technologies are as much as 20 years away from commercial development, the policy supports a long-term vision for American leadership in these fields.

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