Quantum Companies Team to Target Specific Markets

IQM, Multiverse aim for finance, energy, chemistry, logistics applications
Berenice Baker

August 19, 2022

A chip and circuit board
IQM Quantum Computers and Multiverse Computing are building application-specific processors.Getty

IQM Quantum Computers and Multiverse Computing have formed a partnership to integrate quantum hardware and software into products tailored to specific business sectors.

The companies plan to design application-specific processors using IQM’s quantum processors and Multiverse’s Singularity software design kit and quantum algorithms.

They aim to solve real-life problems for finance, energy, chemistry, logistics and material science customers and eventually demonstrate quantum advantage (the ability to solve problems that a classical computer could not in a realistic timescale) for these sectors.

Multiverse’s Singularity is middleware that contains quantum and quantum-inspired algorithms that can be accessed via an Excel spreadsheet plugin.

IQM builds quantum computers for research and supercomputer centers with on-chip components designed to increase the clock speed for error correction.

“This partnership combines the best solutions in today’s quantum software and hardware,” said IQM head of partnership

Peter Eder. “We are bringing some of the best quantum experts in this world together to find a fast lane to quantum advantage.”

“While Multiverse can offer added value today with our quantum-inspired solutions, being a part of a custom full-stack solution is key for Singularity’s adoption and will ultimately drive the adoption of quantum computing technologies,” said Multiverse Computing chief revenue officer Mehdi Bozzo-Rey.

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