Quantum Computing for the Supply Chain – Delivering New Efficiencies

Supply chain enterprises are turning to quantum computers to solve routing problems
Maria Korolov

February 22, 2023

Quantum computing for the supply chain report cover with a background image of trucks and containers in shade of blue
Quantum computing can help solve complex logistical problems. Informa Tech

A new report from Enter Quantum explains how supply chain enterprises are turning to quantum computers to solve routing problems.

Finding optimal delivery routes gets incrementally more difficult the more stops are added. Factor in the other variables that might affect the supply chain and you quickly exceed the constraints of current classical computing, leading some companies to resort to heuristics, or rules of thumb, to determine routes.

Quantum computers, which approach the problem in a novel way, can solve routing problems and minimize the resources needed. Early use cases have proven that they can deliver better solutions faster than classical technologies.

Different quantum computing technologies have different advantages and disadvantages for optimization problems like routing. But all current quantum computers have a limited number of qubits – a measure of quantum computing power – and have a high error rate.

Hardware vendor roadmaps indicate that they plan on being able to reduce

the error rates and scale up to 1,000 qubits within the next few years, which will make quantum computers more useful. In the meantime, companies are using solutions like breaking problems into smaller pieces for quantum and classical computers to tackle.

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