Quantum Computing Summit 2022: IBM on the Kasparov Chess Match

IBM's Murray Campbell co-created Deep Blue, the computer that beat Garry Kasparov at chess.
Berenice Baker

November 14, 2022

Murray Campbell, IBM Distinguished Research Scientist at IBM Research AI
Murray Campbell is an IBM Distinguished Research Scientist at IBM Research AI.Informa Tech

Speaking at The AI Summit, co-located with The Quantum Computing Summit, earlier this month, Murray Campbell, IBM Distinguished Research Scientist at IBM Research AI, spoke about the famous chess match between Garry Kasparov and IBM's Deep Blue computer, which Murray co-created.

Murray is now working on ways to make more general AI systems.

"Currently, AI systems are very narrow and focused on a specific task," he said. "If you can find some of the generalization capabilities humans have and incorporate those into AI systems, you'll be able to adapt your AI systems to news tasks quickly, without having to train them for hundreds of thousands of hours."

IBM is working with neuroscientists to understand some of the mechanisms that are used in the brain and how these translate into AI processes. It will lead to systems that ultimately have a human-like level of generality and be able to switch from problem to problem.

When asked about what AI holds for the year ahead, Murray said: "The big news

this year is large language models you can sit down and have a conversation with and they give a good impression of a human behind the screen," he said. "Next year AI systems could be developing our software for us."

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