Use Cases for Quantum Computing

The top near-term business applications for quantum
Berenice Baker
Berenice Baker

August 4, 2023

A scientist with test tubes
Health care is a key target vertical for quantum solutions. Getty

Quantum computing is still at an early stage, but businesses are already working closely with quantum computing companies on real-life use cases to gain a competitive advantage.

Here is a selection of recent news stories about business applications for quantum. To keep up to date with coverage of all things quantum for business,


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  • Quantum-South has released a new version of its

    air cargo optimization software

    that uses quantum-inspired optimization algorithms to determine the optimal loading strategy for packing a consignment into an aircraft.

      Quantum Chemistry

      Financial Services

      • Truist Financial Corp. has

        joined IBM’s Quantum Accelerator

        program to develop internal expertise in quantum computing to prepare to use the technology for future financial services applications.

        • Quantum technology company Terra Quantum and investment bank Cirdan Capital claim to have developed a faster quantum-based algorithmic method for

          pricing exotic financial options


          • Rigetti and ADIA Lab are developing a quantum solution to a financial sector problem known as the probability distribution classification problem.


            • Q-CTRL and Australia’s Department of Defense plan to jointly develop a

              quantum-assured navigation capability

              for military platforms using Q-CTRL’s software-ruggedized quantum sensing technology.




              • Quantum computing company Multiverse Computing is working with clean energy multinational Iberdrola to use quantum optimization algorithms to

                modernize electrical grids



                Health Care

                • Algorithmiq, a company that specializes in

                  quantum computing products for life sciences,

                  has raised $15 million in a series A funding round.

                  • Quantum AI specialist Zapata Computing has agreed with the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) to investigate how quantum computing can create near-term value for

                    pharmaceutical manufacturers


                    • NTT Data researchers have used a hybrid quantum approach to

                      optimize genome sequencing and assembly

                      , providing information that could be used to develop new treatments and therapies to target underlying genetic causes of disease.

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