Video: Capgemini On How To Implement a Quantum Program

Quantum computing can learn from AI programs.
Berenice Baker

July 4, 2022

Julian van Velzen, CTIO and head of Capgemini's Quantum Lab.Informa

Introducing quantum computing is a big risk and every company should be asking what it needs to do to be quantum ready, according to Julian van Velzen, CTIO and head of Capgemini's Quantum Lab.

Speaking at the Quantum Summit London, van Velzen said that quantum computing programs could learn lessons from successful AI projects that have moved beyond proof of concept. For example, it needs business buy-in.

End-to-end integration must also be considered; quantum is part of the solution in a larger computational workflow. Using a quantum algorithm alone performs only in a narrow case, but smaller proof-of-concept pieces can be stitched together into a roadmap for an application.

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