World’s First Smart TV Metaverse Experience on Display at CES 2023

Source Digital and Sansar team to bring what they call the first “practical, user-friendly” application of metaverse capabilities in TV
Scarlett Evans

January 4, 2023

Virtual characters in a Metaverse disco
Source Digital and Sansar are showcasing the world’s first smart TV metaverse experience at CES.Source Digital

The world’s first smart TV metaverse experience is on display this week at CES 2023 in Las Vegas. 

Created by Source Digital and Sansar, the metaverse offering allows users to immersively watch live events such as concerts or sporting events in either a 2D or 3D environment. Users can also engage with their surroundings, virtually purchasing merchandise and interacting with other attendees from the comfort of their own homes.

“We spent years developing and patenting Source’s revolutionary style of engaging and monetizing viewers on their terms across digital media,” said Hank Frecon, Source Digital CEO. “Now, we are honored to be part of creating this industry-first experience on over 120 million TVs worldwide, with many more events and experiences to come.”

Sansar brings its immersive social virtual reality to the partnership, while Source Digital brings its expertise in the metaverse. The new app is compatible with connected LG devices.

Source Digital and Sansar first announced their partnership

in July 2022. The news followed the announcement that Sansar was acquired by Metaverse earlier that year.

“The issue with the metaverse has always been how to accomplish monetization without creators bearing the cost,” said Chance Richie, Sansar CEO, about the partnership. “Our partnership with Source Digital provides myriad revenue streams outside of in-world commerce, allowing Sansar to minimize fees charged on Creator Generated Content (CGC) and be the destination of choice for creators who make a living selling virtual merchandise/experiences. Our users will also benefit from the personalized experiences made possible with Source Digital’s technology.”

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