Quantum Company Delays Processor Plans By One Year

Rigetti cites higher costs, supply chain challenges and lower than expected capital.
Berenice Baker
Berenice Baker

May 20, 2022

Rigetti's design studios
Rigetti has pushed back by a year its plans to introduce powerful new systems.Rigetti

Quantum computer and integrated circuit manufacturer Rigetti has pushed back by a year plans to introduce powerful new systems.

In an updated technology roadmap accompanying financial results, Rigetti said its 1,000-qubit system would now be released in late 2025 rather than 2024 followed by a 4,000-qubit system “in or after” 2027, rather than 2026.

The company still plans to introduce its single-chip, 84-qubit quantum computer next year and its 336-qubit multi-chip processor later in 2023.

The company identified three factors behind the delays:

  • Higher-than-anticipated labor, equipment and system component expenses increased the costs of system development.

    • Market and supply chain conditions hampered the timely availability of input materials for the company’s machines.

      • Rigetti’s merger with special-purpose acquisition company Supernova Partners in March freed less working capital than the company expected, leaving the company unable to absorb these increased costs and timing factors.

        • Rigetti plans to base its single-chip, 84-qubit quantum computer on its next-generation chip designed for higher fidelities and increased connectivity.

          The company says it expects its 336-qubit multi-chip processor to combine the anticipated improvements of its 84-qubit processor with the modular, multi-chip scaling technology of its Aspen-M machine. Similarly, its 1,000- and 4,000-qubit systems combine the company’s multi-chip technology and next-generation architecture.

          “Rigetti delivered in the first quarter of 2022 to lay the foundation for our next growth phase,” said company CEO Chad Rigetti, who founded the company in 2013.

          “We are excited to announce the anticipated launches of our next-generation, single-chip, 84-qubit quantum computer expected in 2023 and 336-qubit multi-chip processor later. As key touchpoints along our broader roadmap, we believe these machines will deliver increased performance across the key dimensions of speed, scale and fidelity.

          “Rigetti’s technology is nine years in the making, and we believe we are at an opportunity-rich period of time. Our entrance to the public markets in March was another exciting milestone that has grateful to our team whose deep technical expertise and powerful mission-driven focus is showing the world quantum’s promise.”

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