Fujitsu Delivers Quantum-Inspired Technology to Taiwan

Quantum National Team will research optimization, chemistry and finance use cases
Berenice Baker

November 3, 2022

A quantum processor
Fujitsu will supply its quantum-inspired digital annealer technology on the cloud to a Taiwanese university.Getty

Fujitsu Taiwan is to supply its quantum-inspired digital annealer technology on the cloud to the quantum information center at Chung Yuan Christian University.

The company will also join the Taiwan Ministry of Science and Technology’s Quantum National Team, a project that aims to promote research and development of quantum science and technology in cooperation with industry, government and academia.

The team will receive $250 million from the government of Taiwan between 2022 and 2026. Chung Yuan Christian University is one of the beneficiaries and will use its share to fund a five-year research project on using quantum computing for optimization, chemistry and finance with Fujitsu’s quantum technology.

Fujitsu’s Digital Annealer processes the same large-scale combinatorial optimization problems that quantum annealers are designed for but using traditional semiconductor technology. They operate faster than current quantum solutions and at room temperature and integrate readily with existing


Digital Annealer is part of Fujitsu’s Computing as a Service portfolio that the company launched in Japan in October and intends to roll out globally next year. Fujitsu also provides consulting services to support academic, research and product R&D applications for Digital Annealer.

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