IQM Unveils Plans for 150-Qubit Quantum Computer

IQM Radiance range will debut as a 54 qubit system in 2024
John Potter
John Potter

November 15, 2023

AN artist's impression of the IQM Radiance platform in a data center.
AN artist's impression of the IQM Radiance platform in a data center. IAM

IQM Quantum Computers has unveiled its strategy for its forthcoming IQM Radiance quantum computing platform.

The company plans to initially release a 54-qubit system in 2024, offering early adopters a chance to integrate this technology into their operations and explore its capabilities. It then intends to develop a 150-qubit quantum system by 2025, with an eventual aim of achieving quantum advantage.

IQM is targeting businesses and government agencies with its Radiance range, offering quantum computing capabilities suitable for deployment in high-performance computing and data centers.

“This is the right moment for businesses to invest and harness quantum advantage as early as possible to gain a competitive edge. IQM Radiance enables enterprises to focus on practical use cases, testing applications with substantial business potential,” said IQM CEO and co-founder Jan Goetz.

Goetz added that areas such as machine learning, cybersecurity, energy management, drug research, and carbon capture

as fields ripe for quantum computing applications.

Building on the foundations laid by its predecessor, IQM Spark, a 5-qubit system designed for educational and research institutions, Radiance represents a step up in capability.

A significant aspect of IQM's offering is the planned upgrade from a 54-qubit to a 150-qubit system by 2025. This upgrade strategy ensures ongoing support for customers in their journey towards quantum advantage, with the promise of higher performance chips in the future.

IQM's track record includes a successful 20-qubit quantum computer developed for the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. The company plans to deliver a 54-qubit system to VTT by the second quarter of 2024.

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