LG Joins IBM Quantum Network

LG Electronic gains access to IBM’s Eagle quantum computer processor.
Chuck Martin

January 28, 2022

LG Electronics has joined the IBM Quantum network, gaining access to IBM’s quantum computing systems and expertise.

As part of the arrangement, LG also gets access to IBM’s open-source quantum information software development kit Qiskit.

LG is looking to quantum computing to support its efforts in its open innovation strategy including artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), connected vehicles, digital transformation and robotics.

"We plan to use IBM Quantum to develop our competency in quantum computing," said Byoung-Hoon Kim, chief technology officer and executive vice president of LG Electronics. "We aim to provide customers with value that they have not experienced so far by leveraging quantum computing technology in future businesses."

While traditional computers calculate in bits that represent zero or one, or on or off, quantum computers use what are known as qubits, using mechanical phenomena to solve problems that can’t be solved by traditional computers.


Quantum Network focuses on the research and exploration of how quantum computing might help industries such as finance and energy.

LG Electronic now gains access to IBM’s Eagle quantum computer processor, with 127 qubits.

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