Nvidia, SEEQC Partner for Quantum Supercomputing

Multi-chip module directly links a quantum processor to a classical GPU platform
Berenice Baker
Berenice Baker

October 6, 2023

A SEEQC processor
A SEEQC processorSEECQ

Nvidia is working with chip-based quantum computing company SEEQC to create the first digital chip-to-chip link between quantum computers and GPUs, compatible with any quantum computing paradigm.

The companies say the technology could combine the best of classical and quantum computing enabling “quantum supercomputing.”

In practice, this would mean enterprises could better integrate quantum computing into data centers and bring about practical quantum-powered AI. It could also support real-time on-chip error correction, helping solve one of the barriers to scaling quantum computers.

As SEEQC’s technology is entirely digital, it could remove several analog steps and prevent much of the noise created in quantum processing, making it faster and more scalable. The company is targeting quantum AI and machine learning applications to meet the requirements of the growing use of enterprise AI, which is increasingly resource intensive.

“This all-digital integration will take advantage of each system

for a low-latency interface while maintaining the highest possible bandwidth performance from each individual system,” said SEEQC CEO and co-founder John Levy.

“The development we’re taking on with Nvidia represents the best of breed in both quantum and classical and together both core technologies create unprecedented compute power.”

From Nvidia’s perspective, integrating quantum processors and GPUs will advance its CUDA Quantum platform for hybrid quantum-classical computing.

“Tight integration of quantum with GPU supercomputing is essential for progress toward useful quantum computing.  Coupling the Nvidia GH200 Grace Hopper Superchip with SEEQC’s digital chip architecture — tied together by the CUDA Quantum programming model — will provide a major step toward that goal,” said Nvidia HPC and quantum computing product director Tim Costa.

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