Quantinuum Claims Fault-Tolerant Quantum Computing Advances

System Model H2 features 32 fully-connected qubits
John Potter

May 17, 2023

Quantinuum's 32 qubit H2 processor.
Quantinuum's 32 qubit H2 processor. Quantinuum

Quantinuum has claimed advances in the pursuit of fault-tolerant quantum computing with the introduction of its 32 qubit Quantinuum's System Model H2.

In the current era of quantum computing, known as noisy, intermittent-scale quantum (NISQ), extensive errors arise due to the inherent nature of the qubits quantum computers use. The unpredictable and random state changes of quantum particles necessitate the integration of robust error correction mechanisms into computer designs. 

The H2 processor has played a crucial role in the controlled manipulation and generation of non-Abelian anyons. These strange new forms of matter, known as quasiparticles, could theoretically reduce the need for correcting errors in quantum computing. 


Several organizations and companies have used Quantinuum's H2 quantum processor in experimental studies, yielding positive results. Among the most noteworthy is a scholarly paper focused on the design of quantum optimization algorithms for portfolio optimization.


The paper, published by JPMorgan Chase's Global Technology Applied Research division, showcases validated numerical results acquired through early access to the H2 quantum processor, contributing to the investigation of quantum computing's potential applications in portfolio optimization.

“This could well be a transistor moment for the quantum computing industry – and the fact that we have used a quantum computer as the machine tool for building topological qubits that are a significant step towards fault-tolerant quantum computing is further testimony to our long-held belief that quantum systems are best explored and created by other quantum systems,” said Quantinuum founder and chief product officer Ilyas Khan.

Quantinuum demonstrated the capability of the H2 by showcasing a 32-qubit GHZ state, claiming a new record for the largest globally entangled non-classical state achieved thus far.  

The H2 processor is currently accessible through Quantinuum’s cloud-based platform, and from June it will be available via the Microsoft Azure Quantum platform.

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